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10 Adventurous Women You Should Be Following

10 Adventurous Women You Should Be Following

Sometimes you just need a little inspiration to find your motivation, and these adventurous women are exactly who you should be following to get the job done! These ladies are strong, independent, inspiring and always manage to get the wheels turning when it comes to crafting my next adventure. 

1. Brooke Willson

An Alberta native, Brooke's Instagram screams "take me to the mountains!". Her posts will give you serious wanderlust and her beautiful blonde hair will make you green with envy. She documents her adventures, but also speaks quite candidly about the pressures that come along with being a social media role model. A great follow!

2. Andrea Ference

Andrea's Instagram is equally as inspiring when it comes to gorgeous mountain landscapes. She's an advocate for making time for adventure, no matter how busy your schedule is! Follow her for some awesome posts captioned with profound ideas as she explores the Rockies in her little red coat.

3. Haley Smith

Haley is a cross-country mountain biker with Norco Bicycles and the Canadian National team. She travels to some gorgeous places all over the world with her teammates to train - and is kind enough to take her fans along for the ride! Follow her for fitness inspo, a serious case of wanderlust, and some valuable words of wisdom along the way! 

4. Johnie Gall

Johnie is a writer, photographer and all-around advocate for the outdoors! Six years ago, she and her husband bought a sprinter van, converted it and have been exploring the country part-time ever since. Follow her for perfectly framed travel, fitness and adventure photos that will make your wandering heart sing.

5. Sian Lewis

Sian is a travel and outdoor journalist with a killer blog. Her adventure repertoire includes surfing, skiing, cycling, climbing, and everything in between. Spending her days doing anything but hibernating - she'll get your heart pumping just by scrolling through her account.

6. Chelsea Kuai

This is one of my favourite Instagram accounts of all time! Chelsea is a Hawaii-based athlete, nature conservationist, traveller and creative. Her photos are some of the most beautiful I've ever seen and she posts some awesome Instagram Stories as well. She'll make you want to pack your things and give the island life a go for a while.

7. Holly Johnson

Holly sure knows how to make the mountains smile for the camera! Based in Seattle, she's a nature lover, photographer, and bad-ass explorer. She posts photos of her summits that will take your breath away. And the best part is? Most of her destinations are totally off the grid! Meaning... it's not your typical been-there-done-that Lake Louise collection.

8. Lindsay Webster

Fierce obstacle course race competitor and overall outdoor aficionado, Lindsay seems to be the definition of "warrior". Posting photos of her daily training ventures across Canada, alongside her husband and Malamute pup, she'll make you want to get out of bed and get moving!

9. Brooke Jones

Follow Brooke for a refreshing dose of all things Canadian! An Uxbridge native, she shares photos of her adventures in Ontario and beyond. In her own words, she spends her days dedicated to "pursuing health and happiness outdoors" (and revealing this southern province's true beauty).

10. Alana Zabukovec

This girl takes outdoor recreation to an entirely new level, constantly finding creative  ways to stay active - even with an adorable new baby in tow! An athlete and certified personal trainer, follow her for fitness tips and inspiration on how to keep the adventures going no matter what.

Who are some of your favourite adventure Instagram accounts? Share them in the comments below!

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