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My 2018 New Year's Wellness Resolutions

My 2018 New Year's Wellness Resolutions

The new year is upon us! What a solid 2017 I've had: I travelled to France and the Canadian Rockies; helped some great friends and family get hitched; snowboarded in Mt. Tremblant; camped on the Bruce Peninsula; ran my first marathon; celebrated 5 years with Tavis—what a whirlwind! I certainly am one lucky human. 

As the countdown begins, I thought it might be nice to do a little goal setting. Interestingly enough, when I sat down to reflect, I realized this is actually the first year my resolutions have had nothing to do with losing weight, building crazy abs or anything to do with appearance, really—I take this as a good sign (it's about time)! True happiness comes from the inside, my friends. May your 2018 be filled with self-love, whole health and a ton of new adventures!

1. Run a Sub-2-Hour Half Marathon

The fitness goals are first up! My half marathon PR is sitting at 2:09 right now and I am SO ready to see it under 2. I've been stuggling with some knee pain recently from an irritated IT band, so the priority is to keep the knee strong and bring this one home! 

2. Beat My Full Marathon Time

Again, I'm ready to see this guy beat. I ran my first full marathon this summer and was happy just to have finished; now, it's time to take it to the next level! 

3. Transition to Mostly Organic Fruit & Vegetables

This one will be a challenge—it's so tempting to opt for items that cost less in the grocery store when the organic and regular look almost exactly the same, but the payoff is big. More nutrients, less harmful pesticides, more flavour... so worth it. This year, I'm hoping to giving Fresh City Farms a try; they're a food delivery service in Toronto that puts a focus on local, organic produce—I will be sure to report back! Interested in learning more about organic food regulations in Canada? This article is a bit older, but is packed with useful information. 

4. Cook Vegetarian Twice a Week

It's no secret that as a whole we're eating far more meat than we actually need (at least in North American culture). In an effort to welcome more veggies into my diet and also give the planet a bit of a break, I'm commiting to eating fully vegetarian two days out of seven (start small!).

5. Sign Up for a Spin Class

As I mentioned above, I've been struggling with an irritated IT band lately, which has been throwing off my running routine. Yes, it's annoying, but I'm also taking it as a sign that I could probably use some more cross-training (IT band irritation typically stems from weak hips and core). So, let's mix it up with some spin! My choice studio in Toronto is Ride Cycle Club.

6. Transition to All-Natural Beauty Products

The hard truth is that skin is the body's largest organ and it absorbs around 60-70% of what we put on it—that means the ingredients (chemicals) present in our everyday beauty products (makeup, lotion, body wash etc.) are making their way into our blood, tissues and organs (WHAT?!). I don't know about you, but common sense tells me that it would be dangerous to drink a bottle of Nivea moisturizer (the ingredients aren't exactly recognizable...), so why would I let it absorb into my skin? Cutting out toxic products from my beauty routine is a priority this year.

7. Go Plastic-Free at the Grocery Store

This year I'm making a solid effort to start reducing my plastic use, and one of the big waste culprits in our house is the grocery store. I just ordered the Simple Ecology Farmers Market Starter Set on Amazon and am committed to buying more fruits and veggies loose without the plastic packaging (even if that means more vegetable washing!) and getting our meats from the butcher instead of the plastic and styrofoam packs. 

8. Take a Meditation Class

On a broader scale my goal here is to be more mindful this year—but, like anything, practice makes perfect! I've got my eye on Meditation Toronto and Kadampa Meditation Centre Canada—I'll report back on how they pan out! Here's to a zen AF 2018.

9. Commit to Adventure Sundays

It's easy to settle into a Netflix-after-work-and-most-weekends-too routine—especially in the winter when the thought of stepping outside into -20°C makes you question why you even live here (?!). So, for 2018 I'm comitting to forcing myself off the couch every Sunday (fingers crossed!) for some type of new adventure. It could mean getting outdoors, trying out a new healthy recipe, or simply getting outside my comfort zone. Bring it on! #adventuresundays 

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