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7 (Classy) Ways to Decorate With Travel Souvenirs

7 (Classy) Ways to Decorate With Travel Souvenirs

So many souvenirs, yet such a tiny apartment... #firstworldtravelproblems. Collecting odds and ends to remember your trips by is a ton of fun and can bring back so many good memories! Unfortunately, if you're like me and prefer your apartment clutter-free, after a while these things can start to become more of a nuisance than nostalgic.

Rather than tucking everything away in a box under your bed - only to be seen by dust-bunnies and lonely socks, display your travel souvenirs in a classy, grown-up kinda way!

1. Keep tickets and miscellaneous photos in a travel shadow box

Saving various event tickets and brochures can be a great, cheap way to remember your trips! Keep them organized and on display with a shadow box like this one.

2. Turn your best Instagrams into canvas prints

In the age of the internet, it seems like a shame that photos rarely exist in hard-copy anymore. Hang the best of your camera-roll in your living room so you can enjoy these memories every day!

3. Hang an antique map of a favourite destination


One way to cut down on clutter is to be thoughtful about souvenir purchases. Buy things you can use or that will match your home's atmosphere rather than random trinkets. You may need to invest a bit more, but you'll be able to enjoy them!

4. Display the mugs you've collected from different cities

Take those mugs out of hiding and put them out on display! It can be a great conversation starter when someone has travelled to the same destination as you!

5. Display sand, shells and other pretty trinkets in decorative bottles and jars

An attractive way to display otherwise random souvenirs! Those shells always seem so pretty on the beach until you get them home and have nowhere to put them...

6. Hang your postcard collection for everyone to see!

Make your wall art mean something! Postcards are another great AND cheap souvenir option. Hanging them like this adds a touch of whimsy to your apartment.

7. Use your airport alcohol purchases as make-shift vases

Studio No. 19

Studio No. 19

Put that empty bottle of Scottish gin or Canadian whiskey from your trip to good use! They can make pretty candle holders or flower vases, adding a fun story to your decor!

What's your favourite souvenir you've ever gotten on a trip? Share it in the comments below!

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