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What to Pack for a Weekend Snowshoeing Trip in Quebec

What to Pack for a Weekend Snowshoeing Trip in Quebec

Snowshoeing is a great way to stay active in the winter, and can even offer a better workout than your typical running route. Lucky for me, I was gifted a weekend stay in a Les Refuges Perchés treehouse near Mont-Tremblant this winter—the absolute perfect place to snowshoe! These cozy secluded treehouses sit just off of a cluster of small lakes, with snowshoeing/cross-country skiing trails looping all the way around.

Les Refuges Perchés, Mont-Tremblant, QC

I've put together a comprehensive packing list that includes not only my snowshoeing essentials but also my cabin essentials, food items and the camera equipment I'll be bringing.

Hint: the equipment I've listed below is for a loop trail of around 10 km in length. Some might seem a tad bit like overkill, but you can never be over prepared! You should always be ready with enough equipment/clothing that you could stay out overnight if you had to—the winter weather is unforgiving. Remember to dress in layers.

Here’s what I recommend for a snowshoe day trip; I'll be bringing these items with me on the snowshoe trail:

Snowshoeing Essentials Packing List


  1. Baselayer—wool long sleeve and pants
  2. Mid layer sweater or jacket
  3. Weatherproof shell jacket
  4. Tall wool socks—bring extra pair in case one gets wet
  5. Gloves
  6. Waterproof boots
  7. Gaiters
  8. Sunglasses
  9. Balaclava
  10. Toque


  1. 2-3 litres water—not a bad idea to pack purification tablets, just in case
  2. Map & compass
  3. Headlamp and extra batteries
  4. Whistle
  5. Cellphone in waterproof case or bag
  6. Survival blanket
  7. Snowshoes
  8. Daypack
  9. Metal cup—to melt snow in case of emergency. Or to serve wine, in case of emergency ;)
  10. That reminds me—wineskin!
  11. Duct tape, pliers, zip ties—in case of a snowshoe break
  12. Sunscreen—you'd be surprised how much the snow can reflect the sun!
  13. Lip balm
  14. Toilet paper
  15. Pocket knife
  16. Basic medical kit
  17. Handwarmer & foot warmer packets
  18. Credit card/cash/photo ID
  19. Trip itinerary left with a friend—you never know when things could go wrong. Also, it's easy for a cell phone battery to die quickly in the cold, leaving you without a signal or GPS.
  20. Energy-filled lunch & snacks—not a bad idea to throw in an emergency pack of freeze-dried food
  21. Stove and fuel (optional)
  22. Lighter (optional)
  23. Dry clothes waiting for you back at camp—you won't bring these with you, but they will be necessary! Staying warm and dry are main concerns in the winter months outdoors.

Cabin/Toiletry Items

Lucky for us, our treehouse comes pretty well-equipped with kitchen essentials, including the following:

  • Mattress & pillows
  • Wood-burning stove
  • Firewood 
  • Drinking water
  • Matches
  • Dishcloth & towel
  • Basic kitchen dishes & cooking utensils
  • Cooler
  • Kettle
  • Dish soap
  • Washbasin
  • Tea candles
  • Compost bag & trash bags
  • Cooking stove & propane
  • Battery power pack for cabin lights and electricity
  • Snow shovel

We'll be responsible for bringing the rest. Here's what's going in my pack:

  1. Sleeping bag
  2. Pillowcase
  3. Toothbrush & biodegradable toothpaste
  4. Face wipes & moisturizer
  5. Kleenex
  6. Pjs 
  7. Cozy sweater & leggings for inside cabin
  8. Slippers for inside cabin
  9. Sports bra
  10. Other undergarments
  11. Warm socks
  12. Packable bath towel
  13. Wetty wipes and/or shower soap (there is a shower available in the main lodge)
  14. Dry shampoo
  15. Hair comb
  16. Ponytail holder
  17. Rechargeable battery pack
  18. Headphones
  19. Phone charger
  20. Book (Currently reading: How Not to Die: Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease.)

Food Items

We're really only here for two full days—Friday midday to Sunday midday. In that time, we'll probably venture into the Tremblant village for dinner one night, so we don't have a ton of food to prepare. However, we will be snowshoeing all day, which can work up an appetite! Here's what we're packing:

  1. Carrot zucchini muffins
  2. 8 Eggs
  3. 1 pack bacon
  4. 4 apples
  5. 4 oranges
  6. 4 bananas
  7. Coffee
  8. Trail mix
  9. 1/2 loaf bread
  10. Cheese
  11. Sliced ham
  12. Mustard & mayo
  13. 1 leaves lettuce (LOL—it's for the ham sandwiches)
  14. 2 steaks 
  15. 2 potatoes
  16. Pre-made cabbage salad
  17. Butter
  18. S&P
  19. Cliff bars
  20. Dried mango
  21. Pre-popped popcorn
  22. Wine

Photography Items

Lastly, we can't forget about our precious camera equipment (because what's the point in spending the weekend in a winter treehouse if you can't brag about it, right?!). Here's what's in my weekend pack:

  1. Nikon D5300 Digital SLR Camera
  2. 18-35 Sigma 1.8 Art Lens
  3. Nikon 50mm f/1.8G AF-S NIKKOR FX Lens
  4. Rode VideoMic GO Lightweight On-Camera Microphone
  5. 2 SD Cards (64 & 32 GB) & holders
  6. Manfrotto Xpro Aluminum Video Monopod
  7. Tripod
  8. 3 batteries
  9. Battery charger
  10. Lens cleaner
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